Importance of Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress

Before getting to know about Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress, it is important to know that how to make your website unique and attract users as well as Google’s attention. Building a website is really a tough job. You have a build a website which should very responsible and user-friendly to the users. It should attract the user’s view. Google ranking is also based on your website.

If your website is fast and has very good performance, then obviously you will have a good ranking. In this case, Yoast SEO plugin plays one of the major roles in your WordPress website.

Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress

Yoast SEO plugin is the most powerful and valuable tool for any WordPress website. It’s important to know about its uses and importance before using this plugin.  It is considered as one of the best WordPress SEO plugin. The Yoast SEO plugin important features are

  • Yoast SEO plugin gives you handy options in dealing with descriptions, page titles, and URLs etc.

  • It allows you to add integration options in dealing with social networks, allows you to also add meta descriptions to your WordPress website.

  • It checks that you have used the keywords in the proper location of your article.

  • This plugin also checks the presence of images and links in your article

  • Helps to analyze your text readability and allows you to calculate the readability score.

  • It analyzes the density of the keywords and also checks the number of words in paragraphs in your article.

  • It intimates you a certain modification if required

Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress has many key factors. Let’s get in-depth to know more about Yoast SEO plugin:

Focus on keywords:

  • It checks whether you are using the target keyword in your content at the right location.

  • It also analyzes that the focus keyword has not been used before

  • Yoast checks that the keywords have been used in the important places like in the meta description, title, URL, image all text, and in the subheadings throughout your post

Optimize titles and meta descriptions:

The Yoast SEO plugin helps you to optimize the titles and meta descriptions in your article. You have to edit both the display title and the slug. Both the title should be unique. It also allows you to create more catchy meta descriptions in order to know about your article.

Guidelines for a title:

  • You must make sure that the title length shouldn’t be too long. Not more than 70 characters

  • It should be very catchy and descriptive based on your topic

  • It should tempt the visitors to read your article

  • You should mention the focus keyword

  • It should be of human-readable and the terms should be easy to understand even for the beginners

  • Use complete words and phrases

Guidelines for meta description:

  • Your focus keyword must contain at least once

  • Characters should not be more than 155. If it prolongs, the search engines will cut the proceeding characters.

  • Give a clean note on what your article exactly speaks

  • Grab the user’s attention to read your article

XML Sitemaps and search console integrations:

Using this plugin you need not install any other plugin for XML sitemaps. This plugin automatically generates the sitemaps for your WordPress website and then submits them to Google.

There is also a possibility to add your XML sitemaps manually to the webmaster tools account. But then it is not necessary that the Yoast has search console which in integrated into your Yoast SEO dashboard. So obviously this allows you to see how your website performs in search results.

Protect your RSS feed from content scrapers:

A major problem many websites face is that the people have created scraper websites. The scripts they have installed will automatically fetch the content from other websites using the RSS feed and then they will publish that content.

This is very dangerous for a good website as the search engine may rank their website first. But by using Yoast SEO plugin, it allows you to add a link to your own article with each RSS feed. By doing so, it tells the search engine the location of your original article and avoids the scrapers website from Google ranking.

Pricing and support options for Yoast SEO plugin:

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best plugins even if you go for a free version. You have many features in a free version as well. Currently millions of website have installed this plugin worldwide. The only downside with the free version is that there is no support option.

But no way you will go back once you started using this plugin. It is really worth using this plugin for your WordPress website. Yoast premium version there are additional features such as multiple focus keywords, insights, redirect manager, internal linking, and social previews. You can choose a free and premium version based on your website.

Hope you came to know the importance of Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress. If you have any doubt please feel free to comment us. Your comments are most awaited.

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