What is shared hosting?

What is shared hosting

In this post, we will see what is shared hosting and its major pros and cons?. Shared hosting is actually a type of web hosting, where individual users account are stored on a single web server. They share all the resources like memory, bandwidth, disk space, data transfer etc.

It comes with a very affordable price. It seems to be one of the best hosting company for the beginners. Users will get a particular section of a server, where there can host their website. In a shared server, there can be hundreds of users.

Shared hosting seems to be best for small blogs, portfolio websites, and businesses. As for small business or initial stage of starting a website, you need not require much space to use. Moreover, you need not spend a lot of money in buying web hosting. Since all its resources are shared, it is affordable at very low cost.

Anyone can make use of shared hosting. As you develop your business you can change the plans. You can acquire the space based on your own needs. There is monthly plans and annual plans, you can choose as per your needs. At times they come with attractive discounts.

Even though the server is shared, you will have your own login details for you to access and the third party cannot access your files without knowing the login details. Many companies provide you shared hosting based on their price and limitations. Some of the top companies that provide shared hosting. NameClues provides you the Domain names and shared hosting for small business.

what is shared hosting


  • It comes with reasonable pricing

  • Very useful for the beginners

  • It is considered very flexible and reliable to use

  • It is very easy to set up and manage

  • With minimum cost, they provide you maximum features

  • You need not worry about any technical skills

  • If you don’t wish to handle the web host, the administration will handle it.


  • You will be able to access only limited resources

  • Since it of sharing, the server can be overloaded

  • It is possible to get risk for your website from other sites

  • This hosting is not suitable for heavy traffic websites

  • At any time you site may slow down for no reason

  • You won’t be sure, that your data is secured. A lot of possibilities are there for the hackers to break your site

  • You won’t be able to access the root of the server

Hope you got an idea of what is shared hosting and its major pros and cons. If you have any doubt please feel free to comment us. Your comments are most awaited.

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