What is Cloud Hosting?

what is cloud hosting

In this post, we will see what is cloud hosting and its major pros and cons. If you ever had a plan of hosting a website or an app, obviously you would have come across cloud hosting. It is one of the latest web hosting technology, where it grabbed the views attention very quickly.

The concept of cloud hosting is that, instead of having all your data on a single machine, it is distributed to many machines, servers in different places, where all these are connected to a single virtual machine. Here since hundreds of servers work together, it seems to be like against server.

It is able to handle unlimited heavy traffic, where you need not worry that your website will become slow. In cloud hosting, you don’t have to just rely on one server, if one server is broken, all your backup data will be present on other servers, so that there is no downtime.

By having multiple backups, it saves the system failure, as if one server is failed, you can process the service from another service, in an automated mode. It provides services to the client on server mode and is different from the traditional model. As compared to the previous web hosting types, this cloud hosting is pretty much advanced and seems to be cost-effective.

In cloud hosting, the users are charged only for what they use and they are not required to pay any additional charges. The users have the ability to extend their bandwidth, RAM, CPU, Disk space etc. In case, they have extra space, they can decrease or pay only for what they have used.

It provides you all the necessary management elements, rite from cloud storage to database management. With the help of cloud hosting, you can be able to manage your domains, edit databases, set up FTP accounts for remote file transfer, and you can perform many more additional functions. Cloud hosting is been used in large business organizations, they gain advantage using this hosting, whereas small organizations take a step back due to its cost.

It is really worth using this hosting, it makes wonder to your business without any loss. It seems to be extremely reliable and user-friendly. They are many providers that offer you cloud hosting. Each provider comes with their own plans and price. You can choose the appropriate plan which is most suitable for you.

Once you start using cloud hosting, you will never turn back for any other hosting. Few topmost providers of cloud hosting providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud platform, IBM Cloud Just Host, GoDaddy, iPage etc. Cloud hosting price depends on the providers. They may give you wide plans with the best pricing. You can choose them as per your needs.


  • It is very reliable and user-friendly compared to shared and dedicated hosting

  • It has a drastic high performance

  • Cloud hosting has a ease of scalability

  • It is utility cost, you just have to pay for what to use. In simple “As pay as you use”

  • There is no downtime in cloud hosting

  • You have a numerous customization options

  • It comes with a great physical security

  • It deals with responsive load balancing


  • Need to be monitored and managed 24/7

  • All the hardware, software, and maintenance costs rely on you

  • It is very expensive, where small business cannot afford cloud hosting

  • You cannot completely assure for the security

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