How to Get Post ID in WordPress? – Two simple methods

how to find post ID in WordPress

In this post, we will let you know how to find post ID in WordPress. WordPress gives a unique ID for each content on your website. With the help of the unique ID number, you can keep track of all the content on your website. If a WordPress needs a content, then with the help of this ID, it can find the specific content on your website.

As a beginner when I was new to WordPress, even I was wondering how to find post ID in WordPress. Then as a developer, I came to know that WordPress IDentifies each item in the blog with a unique ID and that can be fetched using the API get_the_ID().

There are basically two methods to find the WordPress post ID, one way is by finding manually and another is with the help of WordPress plugin.

Method 1: Manually

You can find post ID from the edit page

  • Initially login to your WordPress dashboard

  • Then in the dashboard go to Posts>All posts

  • There click on ‘edit’ button on the blog post for which you want to find the ID

  • Once clicked you can see a number in the URL

That number is the unique ID for that particular post content. For example, the below screenshot 155 is a post ID.

how to get post id in wordpress

Method 2: Using WordPress plugin called Reveal ID

This method is very simple as compared to the previous method. It’s just that you need to install reveal ID plugin

  • Initially login to your WordPress dashboard

  • Then go to Plugins>Addnew

  • There search for ‘Reveal ID’ plugin, once found click on ‘install’ button and then click ‘activate’ button

  • Once installed, move to Posts>All posts, here you can see the IDs listed

To find a post ID is very simple. With the above two methods, either way, you can find the post ID. Hope you got an knowledge about how to find post ID in WordPress. If you have any queries please feel free to comment us. Your comments are most awaited.

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